Noelle Bauer, LSW

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Noelle works with children, adolescents and families in our Ridgewood, NJ office.

Children and adolescents deal with their own unique stresses and challenges at home, in school, and in their peer groups.  They are always working to find a balance between their individual needs and desires, and the needs of their parents, family members, teachers, and peers.  As children, adolescents, and young adults learn to navigate stressful times successfully, they can benefit from the support and security offered through a relationship with a safe and caring counselor.

In therapy Noelle uses a variety of different therapy techniques, including play therapy and creative art therapy.  Both of these techniques are actually effective with all ages - children, adolescents, and adults - and Noelle easily modifies them for each individual and their own unique needs.  Noelle has also adapted some resources for teaching youngsters adaptive coping strategies based on CBT; and she is able to use these resources to teach children about their thoughts and emotions and how they influence their behavior.

Noelle is a school social worker and has a good amount of experience working with children, adolescents and their families.  She connects easily with youngsters and adolescents and is effective at working to improve the dynamic between children, adolescents and their parents.  Thus when working with youngsters, Noelle invites parents to participate in the therapeutic process. Children make greater therapeutic gains when strategies developed in the therapy sessions are practiced at home -- the family system is an excellent playground to practice new skills and behaviors that are being learned with the therapist.Promise me youll always remember

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