Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)


DBT is a form of CBT, and is a therapeutic approach aimed at helping people develop various healthy ways to:

  • effectively tolerate, manage, & control emotions
  • live in the moment
  • cope with stress
  • control behavior
  • improve relationships, &
  • build more meaningful lives.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Within MPP, DBT is being used to help people (adults & adolescents) who are struggling with a wide variety of problems including depression , anxiety , trauma, emotion dysregulation, & bipolar disorder .  The common factor in all of these problems is overwhelming emotions & difficulty figuring out how to manage them.

DBT teaches four groups of practical skills that will help you in many areas of your life:

  • Emotion Regulation: Will help you identify & name your feelings, & then learn how to tolerate them without getting overwhelmed
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Will give you the tools to improve your relationships; ask for what you want in an effective way, say "no", & establish appropriate boundaries in a respectful & healthy way
  • Distress Tolerance: Will help you distract from painful situations when you can't cope with them, & then relax & soothe yourself
  • Mindfulness Skills: Will help you stay focused on what's happening in the present moment, concentrate, & make healthier choices as a result.

Mens Issues

Participation in DBT therapy can improve your day-to-day experience of the world, your mood, & your quality of life.


DBT has also been empirically demonstrated to reduce suicidal behavior, reduce self-harm behavior, reduce the frequency of inpatient hospitalizations, & improve social adjustment.

Womens Issues

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