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Rates & Insurance

Goshen Office Hours:
        Monday - Saturday:  Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available by appointment

Ridgewood Office Hours:
        Monday - Friday:  Morning, afternoon and evening hours are available by appointment

Rates & Insurance Coverage
       * Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy does not participate as an in-network provider with many insurance plans.  We are considered in-network with Aetna & 1199 in New York and New Jersey, and we are considered in-network with BlueCrossBlueShield in New York only.  Some of our providers are in-network with UnitedHealthCare and Cigna in both New York and New Jersey.
       * For the other insurance companies, we can work with your out-of-network insurance benefits. We will gladly call on your behalf to find out your specific coverage and in most cases will be able to bill the insurance directly from our end to save you the hassle of extra paperwork. 
      * We offer a reasonable and fair private pay discount rate if you are using your out-of-network benefits.  Sometimes your out-of-network services offer better coverage than you think.  So please give us a call and we will find out for you.
Please contact Silvana at (845) 624-2994  for further information.

Cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa or MC) are accepted.

Cancellation Policy
If you do not come in for your scheduled appointment, or you have not notified us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay a fee of $85 for individual or family sessions; or $50 for group sessions.

Questions? Please Contact Us for further information.



Dr. Espinosa's goals for the provision of behavioral healthcare & psychotherapeutic services are based on the foundation of:  effective, affordable, comprehensive, accessible, & personal services to our clients.   

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