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Creative Arts and Play Therapy


Art therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within a therapeutic relationship, to support, maintain, and improve the psychosocial, physical, cognitive and spiritual health of individuals of all ages. It is based on current and emerging research that art making is a health-enhancing practice that positively impacts the quality of life. Art therapists are credentialed professionals who purposively use specific art-based approaches with children, adults, groups and families to support, maintain, and improve overall health, physical, emotional and cognitive functioning, interpersonal skills, personal development, and quality of life. - See more at: http://www.cathymalchiodi.com/about/what-is-art-therapy/#sthash.Wz8fwetX.dpuf
  • Art therapy is the application of the visual arts and the creative process within the therapeutic relationship.  Play therapy is the use of creativity and play in therapy to help the individual express themselves, their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal way.  The purpose is to support, maintain, or to improve upon the psychosocial, physical, cognitive, and spiritual health of people of all ages:  Childhood through Adulthood.

  • Creative art and play therapists are credentialed professionals with training in the application of play and creativity, and human development in the therapeutic environment.  They use play and specific art-based approaches when working with children, adolescents, adults, groups, and families. 

- to help children, adolescents, adults, & families develop
an understanding & acceptance of themselves, improved functioning,
interpersonal skills, emotion regulation skills, personal development,
& improved quality of life


  • Art therapy is an interpersonal experience where a therapist facilitates, guides, witnesses, and responds to an individual's art process and art expressions.  
  • In art or play therapy as in CBT, DBT, or short-term therapy...  there is a helping professional and an individual, family or group seeking assistance from a therapist to make changes.  The relationship between the therapist, individual, and the creative process is essential, and includes purposeful dialogue and specific therapeutic interventions in response to the therapeutic process.

Current and emerging research in mind-body medicine and integrated healthcare strongly suggests that art therapy is an effective, health-enhancing intervention and form of treatment... and that it positively impacts quality of life.

(Reference:   www.cathymalchiodo.com/about/what-is-art-therapy)



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