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Child Therapy

Child & Play therapy is one of the most helpful ways of working with children.

It provides a way for kids to begin to know & accept themselves & others, as well as express their experiences, thoughts & feelings through a natural & healing process.
After all...  The most natural way for children to express themselves is through play!

Play therapy can also be used as a tool of diagnosis.  Oftentimes, we can identify possible roots of troubling, sad & anxious behavior through

  1. observing a child's play, &
  2. observing the child playing with sibling(s) & parent(s)

Once these roots are identified, we utilize both play & talk therapy to accept & validate the child, their thoughts, & their feelings.  Then we can work with children & families to shape & change underlying thoughts, feelings, & behaviors.

More adaptive ways of coping can be introduced & taught...  & the sad, anxious & otherwise disturbing ways can slowly be extinguished.

We utilize the following techniques when working with children & families:

  • creative art making -- (drawing, work with clay, coloring & painting)
  • therapeutic games
  • playhouses & dolls
  • creative role play
  • sandtray therapy

Through structured & semi-structured play experiences, we are frequently able to help kids & their families work through their anxiety, depression, socialization, adjustment, behavior control, & self-esteem struggles.


We are running a one-week SUMMER CAMP in our Ridgewood, NJ office in JULY and AUGUST!  

CBT CAMP for Children between 5- and 10-years-old.  Please link to our flyer  smiley

CBT CAMP  Summer, 2018

Contact our main office at (845) 624-2994 or gbrown@minisinkpsych.com

if you are interested


MPP's child-focused  therapists:

  • Laura Rico, LMHC has been working with children and their families for the past 10 years, and specializes in working with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and behavior control issues.
  • Gabriela Brown, PsyD  has extensive training in CBT with children and adolescents.  She is a school psychologist with training and experience in play therapy, creative arts, and applying CBT and behavior therapy with children. 
  • Noelle Bauer, LSW  is a school psychologist in a local elementary school.  She has experience working with younger children with play and creative arts therapist.  Noelle is also an artist and utilizes creative art therapies in her work with children and adolescents.  


Helpful Forms

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