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Child Therapy

Child & Play therapy is one of the most helpful ways of working with children.

It provides a way for kids to begin to know & accept themselves & others, as well as express their experiences, thoughts & feelings through a natural & healing process.
After all...  The most natural way for children to express themselves is through play!

Play therapy can also be used as a tool of diagnosis.  Oftentimes, we can identify possible roots of troubling, sad & anxious behavior through

  1. observing a child's play, &
  2. observing the child playing with sibling(s) & parent(s)

Once these roots are identified, we utilize both play & talk therapy to accept & validate the child, their thoughts, & their feelings.  Then we can work with children & families to shape & change underlying thoughts, feelings, & behaviors.

More adaptive ways of coping can be introduced & taught...  & the sad, anxious & otherwise disturbing ways can slowly be extinguished.

We utilize the following techniques when working with children & families:

  • creative art making -- (drawing, work with clay, coloring & painting)
  • therapeutic games
  • playhouses & dolls
  • creative role play
  • sandtray therapy

Through structured & semi-structured play experiences, we are frequently able to help kids & their families work through their anxiety, depression, socialization, adjustment, behavior control, & self-esteem struggles.

MPP's child-focused  therapists:

  • Laura Rico, LMHC has been working with children and their families for the past 10 years, and specializes in working with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and behavior control issues.
  • Gabriela Brown, PsyD  has extensive training in CBT with children and adolescents.  She is a school psychologist with training and experience in play therapy, creative arts, and applying CBT and behavior therapy with children. 
  • Sheriffa Gallwey, LCSW, PhD  has extensive experience working with children and families in community mental health centers and clinics in the tri-state area.


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