Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy

... is an organization of dedicated psychologists & psychotherapists...

        * who are trained in providing effective evidence-based therapies
                children & adolescents & young adults struggling with anxiety &/or social anxiety
                adults with depression, anxiety, interpersonal issues, life transitions
                marriage & parenting issues, communication problems
                adolescents & adults who self-harm
                depression, hopelessness
                struggling in relationships
                poor self-esteem or self-confidence
                bi-polar disorder, borderline personality disorder

        * who utilize outcome measures to measure our effectiveness

        * who access solution-based therapies

        * who specialize in providing effective treatment (DBT, CBT, family therapy) to children, adolescents, adults, couples & families

All of us who work with Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy are dedicated to our mission  --  
helping our clients 

       * Work through present difficulties, challenges, & troubles

       * Understand und
erlying issues, patterns & themes

       * Develop adaptive coping strategies to find
                   "a life worth living"

Through the use of evidence-based practices & outcome measures, our mission can be accomplished anywhere between 1 session...  3 sessions...  5 sessions... 10 sessions... 20 sessions... or sometimes more. 

  * our treatment goals
  * your dedication
  * our expertise, effectiveness & commitment to your treatment

will guide us

Our philosophies & therapeutic techniques are based on the principles of state-of-the art, evidence-based practices

     * Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
     * Cognitive Therapy (CT)
     * Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
     * Solution-Focused Therapy
     * Relational Psychology
     * Group therapy (social skills & DBT skills)
     * Psychodynamic Therapy
     * Stuctural Family Therapy
     * Attachment-based Psychotherapy

Photograph ©Jeanne E. Palazzo

 Locations:           Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy NJ
                                589 Franklin Tpke, Ridgewood, NJ

                           Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy NY
                                    55 Main Street, Suite 6, Goshen, NY

Phone number for both offices:  845-624-2994

Silvana Maurino will likely be the first person you will speak with when you contact our offices. She is a knowledgable and caring individual who will assist you in your pursuit of finding the right therapist. 

If you have any questions about insurance, please call Gustavo Espinosa at 845-649-5349.  

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